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Marketing Outsourcing. The Answer To Cost Effective Outsourced Marketing Management

Would you love to have an in-house marketing director but don't want to spend the £3500+ monthly employment budget? Consider outsourcing your marketing to us. How does it work? Coo Marketing will operate as an in-house marketing consultant while being outsourced to ensure costs are minimised and efficiencies maximised.

By working together, it will offer a fresh perspective on your business that is significantly cheaper than employing a dedicated in-house marketing resource. Coo Marketing offers this flexible marketing management service to only a handful of businesses at any one time. The package combines an exemplary marketing track record with an ability to get projects done.

Get In Touch To Outsource Marketing Headaches

Coo marketing outsourcing packages start at £900 a month to have your own dedicated marketing expert handling marketing activity for you. No employment headaches, no long term commitment, just fresh marketing thinking working on your business for you and making sure that the marketing activity actually gets done.

Imagine a one page marketing plan to keep everything on track, monthly reports so you can monitor progress simply and quickly each month and the ability to know that your business blogs, social media, digital ads, newsletters and more are being done each month. If you would like to find out more about our Coo Marketing outsourcing management packages, please get in touch so we can get rid of that marketing headache of yours.

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