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Marketing consultancy is like tennis, not golf...

I was recently speaking to a business owner who mentioned that he would like to get a sales message out so that he did not have to do the usual backwards and forwards with potential customers. He asked me what was the best way of doing this and suddenly I got ringing in my ears (well alarm bells actually).

You see a one off sales hit is all very well and good. Especially if cash flow is tight and you need an injection of money but it is not a way to build a sustainable business. It would be the equivalent of performing a hole in one at golf but then what? You have to start from scratch and do it all over again. That is the hard way to build a business.

The better way is to treat business like a game of tennis. You want to ping the ball backwards and forwards in the longest volley possible. Not a one off hit then off to the 19th hole to celebrate.

So how do you create a really long relationship with your current customers?

1. Understand their needs.
2. Match your products and services to their needs.
3. Keep listening to your customers…keep adapting and then be prepared for some serious tennis elbow!

The moral of the story is this…

Quick hole in ones and sales kicks have their place but always think longer term if you want a scalable and growing business. Don't be tempted to focus on one big new win when your profits may be lying under your nose by keeping the match going longer with existing customers.

Claire X (Great at marketing, poor at both tennis and golf. Still, you can't win them all!)

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