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13 years in business. Unlucky for some?

Coo Marketing began after a successful career in the corporate world managing the marketing for brands such as Thirst Pockets kitchen roll, Disney household kitchen roll and tissues in the UK, Jeyes, Parazone Bleach and Bloo Toilet Blocks in the Republic of Ireland then 4 years as Brand Marketing Manager for the iconic Vimto brand. 

Throwing corporate caution to the wind, I handed in my notice to paddle my own canoe back in 2008 and Coo Marketing was born. 

The last 13 years have certainly been a learning curve. The highs are so much higher running your own business but the lows can be lonely when you don't have a huge team behind you to pat you on the back and tell you everything will be ok.

2020 was certainly a year when a bit of back patting would have been welcome. On the first day of lockdown, I was diagnosed with a melanoma skin cancer at the same time the business world ground to a complete halt. 2 lots of surgery later things are looking ok but for someone who loves a challenge, I have to admit it was a very challenging year.

I have a note on my dressing table "When life gets tough, remember who's daughter you are and straighten your crown" which helped me through. It is in memory of my wonderful parents who I lost in 2017 and 2018 who still inspire me every day. 

I am a firm believer that the lemonade of life needs to be made out of the lemons we are dealt so I am very proud to say Coo Marketing is going strong with amazing long term clients in FMCG, travel, finance, construction materials, brewery supply and business support who stuck by me through thick and thin, despite the pandemic hitting them hard in different ways. 

2020 - 2021 saw 1000's of pieces of marketing content (social media posts, blogs, newsletters) being delivered for my clients plus consumer press promotions reaching millions of people across 49 women's print and online magazines. These promotions alone received a staggering 8 MILLION entries and dramatic brand awareness to boot for my client's brands. 

So why have I been so quiet promoting Coo Marketing? We truthfully do not currently want new work so I decided to turn the marketing light off under my bushel (so to speak...) to focus on keeping our existing clients happy. A simple business strategy but it seems to work.

In answer to the question, yes, 13 was unlucky in lots of ways but also extremely lucky in others. I am grateful for an amazing network of people and truly wonderful clients so I can't wait to get cracking with the next chapter ahead.

Until then, remember who's son/ daughter you are and straighten that crown!

Claire x

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