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Blogs writing services - what you need to know

Blog writing services - what you need to know. 

Investing in a new website can be a big process for a business. It takes time and energy to get your content organised and to make sure that your potential customers are seeing what they need to convince them to get in touch with your business, instead of a competitor. So why do you commit all that energy and time then let it lie there, not touched for months? Below are 5 reasons that you need to get your blog maintained and up to date:

1. Maintaining a blog or news area of your website is the perfect way to keep your website content fresh and create a reason for customers or potential customers to keep coming back for more information. The buying process can take some time so give your audience a reason to keep coming back and keep your business front of mind.

2. A blog or news area is the perfect way to link social media posts back to your website as you share the link for the latest news item across your channels. Keep information seasonal, topical and fresh and it will help your social media engagement too.

3. Google and other search engines love fresh, relevant content therefore maintaining the blog area or news area of your website is also a valuable thing to do for SEO. 

4. An active and relevant blog or news area positions your business as a thought leader in the industry. Customers come to you because you are an expert in the thing that you do so make sure you let them know this to raise you one step ahead of your competition.

5. Keep getting asked the same questions? Get a blog on the subject then direct people to that instead of repeating yourself.

The rational to maintain a blog or news area is clear but the big question can be who is going to do it? So many businesses agree that an active blog will add value to their website and therefore their business but it tends to slip to the bottom of the busy to do pile and before you know it, months have gone by with no new content on your website.

The answer is simple. Outsource blog writing services to an expert who can then put it on their list instead of yours. Simply agree a topic, sign off an article once it is complete and the rest will be done for you. If you need help from Coo, just look at our outsourced blog writing service packages here.

The moral of the story is this....

Get your blog or news area of your website up and running to get ahead of the game. 

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