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Looking for marketing services from an experienced marketing agency to outsource your marketing headaches to? Do you get stuck getting your marketing strategy planned and actually done? Coo Marketing can help. We help established businesses get the right message, to the right people, at the right time through a bespoke combination of internet marketing services, content marketing services and offline marketing.

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Would you like a professional marketing manager for your business but don't want the commitment of employing someone full time? Why not use our Coo Marketing outsourcing service. We deliver bespoke marketing services, content marketing support and internet marketing services so that you don’t need to employ a marketing manager or marketing assistant in house. Save time, money and hassle while feeling confident your marketing strategy is getting done.

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Holiday competitions in national print, online magazines and websites generate millions of entries every year. Cut through communication noise and position your brand perfectly with a holiday competition promotion that gets measurable results and generates excellent consumer awareness. We offer a full holiday competition promotion service including campaign strategy, copywriting, media placement, winner liaison and holiday fulfilment.

About Coo Marketing

Do you want to feel more in control of your marketing support and do you worry that what you are currently doing is too ad hoc? Would you like your marketing content to be sent to your ideal target market regularly, freeing up your time to focus on other areas of your business? Would you like to trust your marketing solutions are being done by marketing experts while costing less than the cost of hiring a marketing manager in house? You have come to the right place.

Hi. I‘m Claire Nield from Coo Marketing. Coo Marketing was born in 2008 to help successful businesses who would like a dedicated marketing manager but are not ready for the £3500pm+ price tag and employment commitment that usually follows. Coo Marketing offer internet marketing services, content marketing services, social media marketing services, blog writing services, general marketing support and measurable marketing solutions to established businesses who need pointing in the right marketing direction.

Our loyal clients work with us because we offer efficient and effective long term marketing services and become a trusted, outsourced member of the team. Coo Marketing is based near Preston in Lancashire and we work remotely with businesses across the UK who want to feel more confident and in control of their marketing strategy.

At Coo Marketing we are commercially minded and ensure cost efficient marketing messages go to the right people at the right time. We then deliver easy to understand monthly reports and one page marketing plans to keep everything on track.

Words our clients use to describe us are down to earth, pragmatic, approachable, friendly, easy to work with and trusted. If you prefer being bamboozled with marketing jargon and loud, short term marketing gimmicks, you are definitely not in the right place. If our approach sounds like how you would like to work to create a robust long term marketing plan however, then please get in touch.

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During 4 very productive and enjoyable years at Vimto Soft Drinks, Claire was responsible for all the marketing and branding for the core Vimto brand and as a direct result of her excellent work the brand enjoyed double digit growth each year, which is a testament to her impact and hard work. Always motivated and friendly Claire was a real asset to the business and a tremendous colleague, I can't recommend her highly enough.

Mark Preston
Former Commercial Financial Controller
Vimto Soft Drinks

Claire at Coo Marketing is first and foremost an expert in all things Marketing. A thoroughly nice person that sees all challenges as opportunities. I have known her for several years, during which time she has delivered many Marketing courses on my behalf. Feedback is always astoundingly positive. This lady is a must have if you need help with your marketing. VERY highly recommended.

Geoff Reeves
Business Adviser

Claire at Coo Marketing is an extremely passionate marketer who is not only great fun to work with but also a wonderful source of knowledge and expertise with a positive attitude on how to make a business a success. She has a great marketing understanding and the ability to identify business opportunities and deliver quick profitable solutions. She is great at thinking outside the box; her ideas and knowledge always create an impact. I highly recommend Claire to any business or individual who is looking for marketing expertise and great ideas on how to improve/grow their business.

Alexandra Diaz Martinez
Global Marketing Manager
Scholl, Reckitt Benckiser

Scancapture contracted Claire to provide marketing expertise and to help position our company as a major player in our industry. She has fabulous ideas and suggestions which simplifies what we need to do to get to where we want to be (the whole ethos of a marketing plan!). I work with Claire on a monthly rolling-contract basis and she is always ready to assist and guide me to do things right first time. You don't need a Marketing Director, a Marketing Manager, and several Marketing Assistants. Claire is a one-woman Marketing Department and as such is exceptional value for money and a great influence to our growing business. I do recommend Claire to other businesses looking to promote and grow their business.

Steve Smith
Managing Director

Claire has been invaluable to us with our marketing strategy and development. She guides us through our planning and execution of all our marketing activities and her creative writing skills have saved us time and effort on an aspect of business that we are not good at. Claire has given us a clear marketing plan and guided us through each step from designing ready to go advertisements to social media interactions. Our marketing would be random and ineffective without her input.

Carol Nevins
Practice Manager
McDade Roberts Accountants

Flying Sparks have used Coo Marketing for some years now and we would like to recommend their services to help professionally market your business. Coo Marketing are efficient, polite, professional and above all else, Claire and the team listen to our needs carefully before suggesting ways to improve our marketing activity.

Ben Stewart
Managing Director
Flying Sparks

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